Senator Lucy Gichuhi Supports University College Push at Alphacrucis College

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15 February, 2019

Joint Press release – Senator Lucy Gichuhi and Alphacrucis College

For release 19th February 2019

Senator Lucy Gichuhi (Former Chair of the Education and Employment Committee) has given her support to Alphacrucis College and their move towards gaining university college status, as well as joining the celebration of their 71st year of excellence as a leading Australasian Christian Higher Education Institution.

“Education alleviates poverty,” the Senator said “In my own life experience I have experienced first-hand the trials of poverty while growing up in Kenya. Faith-based tertiary education plays a key role in providing solutions and opportunities in the Australian higher education system.”

Alphacrucis College (AC) is a leading Australasian Higher Education Institution that is Pentecostal-aligned and has a reputation for excellence in student care, teaching and research. The College has over 3500 students spread across 10 locations within Australia and overseas and has three faculties: (1) Theology, (2) Education, Arts and Social Science, and (3) Business. They are seeking university college status in early 2020.