National Recycling Week: Day 5

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16 November, 2018

Day 5 tip: Waste – use organic waste for compost in your garden. This helps to avoid the build-up of food waste in landfill at the local tip.

• Check out great apps like ShareWaste which can help you manage your food waste. It will help you to connect with your neighbours who want to recycle kitchen scraps into composting, worm farming or chicken feed.

• Try having an ‘eat me first’ shelf in your fridge. That way you will throw out less food and save money. The average Australian family throws out up to $3,800 worth of food per year!

• If you compost your organic waste, you will not only be stopping garden and food waste from ending up in landfill which causes harmful emissions, you will be creating more nutrients for your garden. That’s great for the soil and you!

• If you live in an apartment think about having a worm farm on your balcony or an under-the-counter compost bin for your food scraps.

• Check out your local area to see if there are any community gardens close by. You might be able to drop off your food scraps for their compost.

• Check with your local or state government to see how you can get rid of your organic waste. Some areas have green waste bins for each home, or you can drop it off at a local collection point.