National Recycling Week: Day 4

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15 November, 2018

Day 4 tip: Reduce – buy a ‘keep-cup’ or a ‘reusable straw’. Ditch your foam, plastic or paper cups and straws and buy a reusable one instead.

  • Try using a 'keep cup'; Australians drink more than 50,000 cups of coffee every half hour.
  • By saying no to using disposable coffee cups you will be making a difference. Disposable cups are a cost burden on our waste management services and our environment. They fill up landfills and produce harmful emissions.
  • You can recycle your coffee cups through Simply Cups. It’s Australia's first coffee cup recycling program helping businesses and schools to close the loop on disposed coffee cups.
  • Try to avoid using single use foam and plastic products that can’t be recycled in most kerbside recycling bins.
  • Did you know that one billion disposable coffee cups are used by Australians each year? Why not take your own cup or ask your local café or takeaway to consider biodegradable alternatives to single use foam or plastic cups?
  • Swap plastic straws for a reusable straw instead. That way you can help reduce marine debris and plastic waste. Keep a reusable straw in your bag or car for when you go out to a restaurant or cafe.