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13 November, 2017

Lucy Muringo Gichuhi (née Munyiri) (born 23 September 1962) is an Australian politician who is a Senator for South Australia.. She was declared to have been elected at the 2016 election following a special recount on 13 April 2017 ordered by the High Court of Australia.

Lucy was born in Kenya and migrated to Australia with her husband and three young daughters in 1999. She has worked as an accountant and an international student's liaison officer before returning to University (UniSA) to complete a Bachelor of Law.

Since then, she was admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia as a lawyer and volunteered with the Women's Legal Services before becoming a Senator for South Australia. Lucy was inaugurated to the Federal Senate in May 2017. She made history when she was the first black person of African origins to become an Australian Senator.

In February 2018, Lucy made further headlines when it was announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that she had joined the Liberal Party. Since then, she has taken a leading role as Chair of Education Committee and Employment Legislation Committee and Deputy Chair of Education and Employment References Committee.

As a leader and Senator she has said her role is to take her responsibilities seriously, showing respect and kindness to her fellow Australians.